Forklift Led Warning Safety Lights Red Line

Today we release this Osram LED safety light for forklift.

1. Power: 18W (3W*6 Osram bulb)
2. Operating Voltage: 10-80V DC
3. Reverse polarity protected
4. Double insulated silicon rebberized wire, can bear very low&high temperature
5. Aluminium die-cast housing, PC cover, stainless steel bracket
6. Color: Red/Blue
7. Beam: Line beam

Red Line Forklift Led Safety Lights

Why We Need Red Zone Light?

More than 95,000 forklift accidents happen each year. Statistically, this means about 1 in 10 forklifts will be involved in some type of incident. Experts estimate 70 percent of forklift accidents can be prevented, and forklift safety lights are a simple way to make your workplace safer for both forklift operators and pedestrians.
Blue spotlights mounted on the front and/or rear of the lift truck alert pedestrians when a forklift is nearby, and how fast it’s approaching. The lights project a bright blue light about 8 feet in front of or behind the forklift, depending on where the light is mounted.

Red zone forklift lights illuminate areas on each side of the forklift pedestrians should avoid. By reminding workers to keep their distance, you can lower the odds of someone getting hit by the rear-end swing when the forklift turns.

Forklift Safety Lights

Blue spotlights and red zone pedestrian safety lights aren’t required by OSHA, but they provide a big safety enhancement for a very small investment. Thirty-six percent of forklift-related deaths involve a pedestrian.

Workers can become blind to warning signs and overlook caution tape. But a bright blue, moving light will quickly catch their attention. Forklift spotlights have the added benefit of showing how fast the forklift is approaching and from what direction.

Blue LED forklift pedestrian safety spotlights help prevent accidents with other forklifts as well. In warehouses with blind intersections and narrow aisles, the blue spotlight can help prevent forklift collisions.

Strobe lights and back-up alarms aren’t always enough

Constantly-running strobe lights can become invisible to workers over time, and back-up alarms aren’t always heard over the din of other warehouse activity or by workers wearing ear protection. Also, it’s a sad fact that forklift operators sometimes disable alarms and strobes because they find them irritating.