New Mini Red Zone Forklift Danger Area LED Warning Light

Introducing our latest innovation, the Mini Forklift Red Zone Danger Area Warning Light.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes high-performance OSRAM LED chips.
  • Offers reverse polarity protection.
  • Equipped with double-insulated silicon rubberized wire, capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations.

Applications: Ideal for forklifts and heavy-duty machinery to create a safety zone.

But what’s the primary purpose of the Red Zone Danger Area Warning Light?

Statistics show that 40% of all forklift accidents involve pedestrians. To address this, our Red Zone Warning Light ensures pedestrians maintain a safe distance from forklifts. This ingenious device projects a vivid red line onto the floor, signaling restricted areas near the forklift and creating a HALO zone that can be customized to your preferred distance. The Red Zone or HALO Zone serves the dual purpose of preventing foot injuries and collisions resulting from rear-end swings and clearly marking a NO Go Zone around any mobile equipment. Each company has the flexibility to define its own NO Go Zone or HALO ZONE distance, with a standard setting of 1 meter that can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. Installation is hassle-free, conducted by an Auto Electrician, and the light activates whenever the machine’s ignition is turned on, consuming minimal power without requiring heavy-duty wiring.

Red Zone Forklift Danger Area Led Safety Warning Light